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Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Okay I dont know why I like this song, because it's lyrically nothing great... it screams "Romanian" and "Inna." The singing isn't amazing, nor is the beat, but its pretty catchy and upbeat. You don't need to get the lyrics to enjoy the song. If you like the kind of music Inna makes, then you are sure to love this. You'll have to hear this track for yourself to get where I am coming from. If you despise modern europop (especially the kind of music popular in Romania currently) then stay away from this song. Even the rapper impresses me. He's kind of like the newstream pop rappers you see today, like the Cataracs. The music video is nothing special, and the choreography is rather laughable, but you can't hate it, and its definitely better than other home-made music videos. Personally all I could care about is the song - which I love!! At-least listen all the way to the chorus, before you make your judgement!

By the way I had a look at some of her older songs and they aren't in english, but they are decent... so for her first english release I have to give her some credit. (Y)

Silva or Mic, if you're reading this PLEASE release some more english songs :D ...

Silva Hakobyan -"Don't Apologize" Feat. MIC


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