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Friday, 10 May 2013


Emrah Dean - Lovers Anthem

Song Title: Lovers Anthem
Artist: Emrah Dean

Prod: Jhay C
Lyrics: Jhay C, Marque Benedicto, Emrah Dean
Release Date: May 2012
Similar Artist: Justin Timberlake
From: Melbourne, Australia
Genre: pop, rnb, soul, ballad 
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‘Lovers Anthem’ is a soulful melodic, rnb ballad – with quality vocals  delivered by Melbournian, Emrah Dean. It’s a sweet listening that makes rnb sound effortlessly soothing and gentle. Emrah Dean is able to grab the listeners attention through his repetitive but catchy chorus phrases.

Hint Hint: Makes use of the key phrase "Lovers Anthem, Lovers Anthem, Lovers Anthem.."

This is definitely one of my personal favorite from his collection because of the piano instrumental (credits to Jhay C) which adds a more mellow vibe to the general sound. If you love slower rnb tracks, that touch on the pop genre, Emrah Dean is your go-to-guy for a next listening.

The rnb singer has also released some other worth mentioning tracks such as: Make it Happen, Up N Down, and his debut single So Over You. There's a good chance Emrah Dean will be experiencing more success in Melbourne if he decides to release a properly developed music video - I know for sure I'll be updating readers with any future video releases. 

Emrah is one singer who can easily ignite some popularity amongst Australian singers with his with smart lyrics and charming voice. I’m sure the ladies will be impressed with the cover art for the video, which features a dashing black-and-white photo of Emrah.

If you’re looking for something smoother than the usual radio club dance tracks, “Lovers Anthem,” is sure to impress, offering soft, yet still sweet and cutely phrased, vocals and lyrics.

‘Lovers Anthem’ can be purchased from iTunes at This will be featured on his upcoming album!

You can watch the official music video below:

Emrah Dean - Lovers Anthem

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Get Ready To Fall In LOVE With Australian Sensation Omar Dean And His Latest Track Runaway!

Omar Dean Runaway

Song Title: Runaway
Artist: Omar Dean

Release Date: May 2013
Similar Artist: Shayne Ward, Jesse Mcartney, Faydee, A1, Nick Carter and David Archuleta
From: Australia
Genre: pop, rnb, soul, ballad 

Omar Dean has released his first full length music video for ‘Runaway,’ featuring Sophia Hope on the vocals. Runaway is that rare uplifting, ballad, pop track that reminds you of classics by Shayne Ward, A1, Nick Carter and David Archuleta - great deal more of 20’s pop, although it still fits the commercial mode of top-charting music.

Runaway is a pop beat-infused ballad, encompassed with love-song content that could make the average teenage girl become an instant fan. It contains a brilliantly composed piano melody, made wonders by Omar’s emotional, but gentle vocals; sounding just as rich and powerful like any other successful rnb-pop artist.

“I pray your feet don’t fail me now, we’re to high off the ground, don’t want to come down...”

Omar Dean proves to be a lyrical genius and rnb vocalist extraordinaire

Many have already begun comparing Oman to the popular Sydney born artist Faydee, who also has pulled off some slower ballad tracks in the collection of his usual up-beat club/pop releases. Omar is special in his own way, with songs that are clean cut, soft in melody and integrated with a sound that’s focused on perfecting vocals and lyrics rather than producing a traditional commercial tune with standard lyrics.

‘Runaway’ can be purchased from iTunes at

You can watch the official music video below:

Omar Dean - Runaway Love (feat. Sophia Hope)