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Friday, 26 July 2013

Chayla - In Another Life

Chayla - In Another Life

Artist: Chayla
Title: In Another Life
Genre: pop, dance, house

Chayla - In Another Life  (Lyric Video)

Nicole Ariana - Just Tonight

Artist: Nicole Ariana
Title: Just Tonight
Genre: soul, rnb, pop

Nicole Ariana - Just Tonight  (Lyric Video)

Wired For Havoc - Push//Pull

Artist: Wired For Havoc
Title: Push/Pull
Genre: pop-rock, punk

Wired For Havoc - Push//Pull (Lyric Video)

Dustin Phillips - Color of Love

Dustin Phillips - Color of Love

Artist: Dustin Phillips 
Title: Color of Love
Genre: pop ballad, acoustic, singer-songwriter

Dustin Phillips - Color of Love (Lyric Video)

Dawn Driven - 6AM

Dawn Driven - 6AM

Artist: Dawn Driven
Title: 6AM
Genre: pop-rock, ballad, acoustic, singer-songwriter

Dawn Driven - 6AM (Lyric Video)

Monday, 22 July 2013

Arden Cho - With You

Artist: Arden Cho
Title: With You
Genre: pop, ballad, acoustic, singer-songwriter

Arden Cho - With You (Music Video)

Pastele - Art Attack

pastele pasquelina

Artist: Pastele
Title: Art Attack
Genre: pop, dance
'Art Attack' was my first listening of this pop newcomer. She's definitely made a good first impression - a great personality to share in-front of the camera, and vocals that are radio familiar. If you like the 21st century pop tunes performed by many well-known girl-bands or pop singers such as Selena Gomez, then Pastele is one artist you should check out! 

Pastele - Art Attack (Official Music Video)

Go The Distance - Emma Blackery

Go The Distance - Emma Blackery

Go The Distance - Emma Blackery (Music Video)