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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A different kind of pop rapper (and shes female too)

So you maybe aware of mainstream rappers like Dev and Kreayshawn.. but have you heard of Kitty Pryde. If yes, then its probably after listening to her hit song Orion's Belt. But it was only recently that she dropped her latest track with Lakutis, titled Ay Shawty. Her voice is similar to Dev's (both very soft) but her rap makes NO SENSE and would be best described as "talking-but-also-kinda-rapping." My favourite part of this song would have to be how she says the line "Ay shawty." I also dont mind Lukutis's intro into the song, but Kitty Pryde's soft vocals keep me hooked throughout the duration of the track.

I still prefer her older song Orion's Belt, which is good ONLY because of the beat and her soft voice, if you're into Dev's music.


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