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Saturday, 17 August 2013

ANER - Next To You (feat. B-Kool) - LYRIC VIDEO

ANER - Next To You (feat. B-Kool) - LYRIC VIDEO

Artist: ANER feat. B-Kool) 
Track: Next To You
Genre: pop, dance

ANER - Next To You (feat. B-Kool) - LYRIC VIDEO

BERA ft. Lil Playy - Summertime (Lyric Video)

BERA ft. Lil Playy - Summertime (Lyric Video)

Artist: BERA ft. Lil Playy
Track: Summertime
Genre: pop, soul, dance

BERA ft. Lil Playy - Summertime (Lyric Video)

Friday, 16 August 2013

Culture Shock - When Did You Know (Lomaticc Dub)

Artist: Culture Shock Ft Lomaticc
Presented By: 747 Records
Track: When Did You Know (Daniel Beddingfield Cover)
Genre: pop, ballad, desi, dance, electro

Culture Shock - When Did You Know (Song Review)

The trio: Sunny Brown, Lomaticc and Baba Khan are known for their sensational pop covers of modern music. The latest dub released by desi crew Culture Shock, is of the famous Daniel Beddingfield track "Sometimes You Just Know." It's a must have song, made free for download by the boys. 

‘When Do You Know’ is an emotional pop based cover of the original reggae inspired song by Daniel Beddingfield. It's a track sure to be a hit amongst pop fans, especially those who enjoy a brilliant vocal listen, especially if you're into the more classical pop/rnb tunes released by singers such as Nick Carter, and NKOTB . It's quite different to the trio's usual upbeat remixes which infuse electro hip-hop melodies with dubstep drops. This is truly one song which showcases the versatility of the group, proving to tailor the best of both pop-dance music and slow pop-ballad tunes. 

Vocals by Lomaticc are a must in every Culture Shock Dub! Lomaticc should be credited for his ability to outperform Daniel Beddingfield's vocal delivery. It's lyrically a great song, one which encompasses an emotional love tale thats difficult to showcase through an upbeat pop song. But Lomaticc is sensational, with vocal clarity that is inspirational, delivered over a soulful pop ballad that uplifts the heart. The verses are the entrance to the dynamic chorus performance, with Daniel Beddingfield surely admitting defeat to the dreamy voice of Lomaticc. The music video was released yesterday, and is available for download outside of Canada at:

Rachel Costanzo - Blindside

Rachel Costanzo - Blindside

ArtistRachel Costanzo
Title: Blindside
Genre: pop, aussie
Sixteen year old Melbourne pop diva, Rachel Costanzo has announced the release of her debut single, Blindside available on iTunes now. Co-written and produced by the talented Michael Paynter and Michael DeLorenzis at MSquared Productions, the single is lifted from Rachel’s forthcoming EP set to hit stores later this year.

"Blindside" begins with a beautiful piano intro before the beat becomes stronger. The song is actually quite addictive and I can already see it hitting radio stations all over Australia. Rachel Constanzo has a beautiful and surprisingly powerful voice that works really well with creating the melody. The production of both the song and video noticeably enhance the amazingness of the song. "Blindside" is a spectacular song with meaningful but catchy lyrics.

Rachel Costanzo - Blindside (Music Video)

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Elliot Hamilton Brown - Yeah Baby (KG vs PLCe Remix)

Elliot Hamilton Brown - Yeah Baby (KG vs PLCe Remix)

Artist: Elliot Hamilton Brown
Producer Credits: PLce
Track: Yeah Baby (KG vs PLCe Remix)
Genre: pop-dance, electronic-dance

Sydney-based singer/songwriter Elliot Hamilton Brown set the bar high for pop musicians earlier this year with the debut release of his pop/dance EP, Heart Attacked. Now, the 28 year old is raising the stakes again with a remixed release of one of his hottest hits: 'Yeah Baby (KG vs PLCe Remix).' 

Inspired by modern songwriters such as Bruno Mars, Gotye, Frank Ocean and Ellie Goulding, Hamilton Brown aspires to 'evoke people's attention' with catchy hooks and dance beats seen in many of today's chart-topping hits.

Elliot Hamilton Brown - Yeah Baby (KG vs PLCe Remix)

Moving from a small town in the north-western suburbs of Brisbane to the bustling city life of Sydney's CBD, Hamilton Brown aspires to put his ideas into action. Making the most of what the city has to offer, the songwriter is now developing his music at a rapid pace, working towards his dream career as a full-time singer and songwriter. The move is what Hamilton Brown describes as a 'birthing experience for his music'. For the past five years, he has established himself in alternative industries in a long-term approach to set up a successful music career. Opting out of a Bachelor of Music degree, Hamilton Brown instead took on a Nursing degree - a noble occupation which he describes as 'something [to do] in the mean time to gain life experiences ,help people and provide both work and a good wage to help fund my music development.'

Now qualified, Hamilton Brown has the ability to simultaneously work as a theatre scrub nurse, and pursue his passion for pop and dance music. His multi-tasking skill in both the creation and production of the Yeah Baby remix is impressive to say the least.
Networking with like-minded artists from across the world, Hamilton Brown has had a large amount to organise with the release of the remixed single, and a debut album to be released within the month. Working with Japanese DJ's PLCe and South African born Melbourne rap artist KG, Hamilton Brown collaborated 'effortlessly' with the two to create the track using social media and online platforms - an avenue that he describes as 'a potential for greater success'. Having past success online with the release of Heart Attacked (2013), Hamilton Brown is looking to target an international fan base specifically with the release of Yeah Baby. 'I think it is particularly hard to get noticed as an artist who... creates pop music in Australia. For some reason pop music isn't well respected here in Australia. Australians love the roots and blues and alternative genre styles.'

'However... being amongst the pop genre overseas can be a whole other ball game...I actually received more plays [with Heart Attacked] from overseas radio stations [than in Australia] which was exciting,' he says. Nevertheless, battling as an Australian pop musician in a musically diverse country does not stop Hamilton Brown from reaching success. with over 5000 followers on Twitter, many of which being Australian based, Hamilton Brown seems to defy the odds as fans wait in anticipation for his new release. 'I think you can really achieve all you want as a musician anywhere really. With technology today, achieving this is quite easy anywhere,' he says. Yeah Baby KG vs PLCe Remix is set for official release on iTunesSpotify and Amazon on 21 August, 2013. 

By Lily Pavlovic posted Wed 14, 2013, for STSBM

City Riots - Sea of Bright Lights (Essential Listens Review)

The newcomer indie-rock Australian band “City Riots," Meet Ricky Kradolfer (Vox & Guitar), Matthew Edge (Bass & Vocals), Dan Kradolfer (Drums) and Matthew Stadler.

The newcomer indie-rock Australian band “City Riots," Meet Ricky Kradolfer (Vox & Guitar), Matthew Edge (Bass & Vocals), Dan Kradolfer (Drums) and Matthew Stadler. 

City Riots - Sea of Bright Lights (Essential Listens Review)

Album Tracklist - Sea of Bright Lights:

1. Turn
2. Catch The Sun
3. In This Space
4. Wait For You
5. Closer
6. Sucker Punch
7. Take You There
8. Lonely Hearts
9. Back To Normal
10. Pirates
11. It's Been A Long Time

Artist: City Riots
Track: Sea of Bright Lights
Genre: indie-pop, ambient, dream-pop, indie-pop, electronic, aussie, 
City Riots have been coming amongst the scene of indie music in Australia, specialising in tracks that outperform with uplifting vocals that chill, and melodies that embrace a feel-good drive. Music with guitar riffs that have strong pop influences in their indie-rock sound, which breathe in harmonies that are experimentally ambient in nature. This is a great band to get your ears familiar with, especially if you're one which digs indie-pop derived from surf-pop dreaming and long coastal drives. 

City Riots - Sea of Bright Lights (Essential Listens Review)


Sea of Bright Lights opens with the sparkling, feel-good tune, “Turn.” Bustled with soft guitar riff opening, it settles into a relaxing and enjoyable first listen. The guitar melody into the chorus is one which could be described as uplifting and gentle to the ears - listeners are indeed promised a more heavy final verse which immediately closes out with twinkling acoustic guitars and lightweight vocals repetitions in the phrase "and we turn." A chorus that can definitely put a smile on your face and one which is most suitable for light listening sessions. 

Catch The Sun (Album Favourite)

“Catch the Sun” switches pace fairly quickly with a  moody into that drifts into catchy, ambient guitar riff. From upbeat it transitions into a harmony of soft vocals and overdriven guitar compliments. The light vocals and opposing heavy rock strums are an intriguing combination, with listeners being rewarded with vocal resemblance's to the popular indie-electronic group The Sound of Arrows. A tune that entertains through sweet guitar riffs, gentle drumming and warming vocals. 

In This Space

Following the lightweight indie-rock track “Catch the Sun," “In This Space” opens with a slightly more indie-pop outlook, with hoarse vocals and 80's beach-tune rock vibes. This song is much more complex in lyrical content, describing a disheartening fallen out love relationship. It tells a tale of insecurity and discontent, a struggle between loneliness and what’s truly right for an individual within the factors of love. The song keeps vocals simple, but builds on instrumental layering, forming a more emotive nature - again in sync with the lyrics. The song builds to a graceful end, one which deploys the ambiguity of both a musical and incomplete love story. 

Wait For You

Again, City Riots employ immediate musical contrast; as the drums build, the listener is somewhat returned to a feeling of peace and tranquility. It's one track which strives on strong vocal projection, creating a successful 80s emotional and musical journey. Fans of new age 80s rock will enjoy this song, carried mostly by vocal harmonies and smashing guitar solos. 13.56 is definitely the essential snippet of the entire song. It concludes into pure vocals with the dreamy pop chorus rhythms. 


Rounding off the album is a special change to the norm compared to the band's other tracks. This one begins as much more pop heavy in melody. The dreaming and getting high references are much appropriate for the emotions that strive through the melody. The chorus makes an impressive upbeat fusion of meditative rock thats immersed in an ambient pop background. The chorus uplifts into a a vocally powerful performance one which stresses on instrumental delivery and an addictive repetitive nature. The listener will find themselves hooked for the reminder of the song, overwhelmed by the uplifting spirit of the mix. The final repeat of the chorus hook washes out into ambient sounds.

Sucker Punch

Setting the atmosphere with a pounding, defiant surf-pop anthem, Sucker Punch strays into 60s radio-friendly music. Lead singer Matthew Edge has a  distinctive voice, setting the summer scene for a happy and warm vibes feel. Lyrically, it''s quite simple but if you're into the whole feel good notions for a long summer coast drive, then this song howls for a worthy listen. A track fixated on keeping the listener joyful and in smiles. It's simply brilliant in terms of melody and Matt's ability to render a song effortless, hitting the hook with classic indie-pop vocals.