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Monday, 4 November 2013

Daniel de Bourg - RUN (Official Lyric Video)

Daniel de Bourg - RUN

Artist: Daniel de Bourg
Title: Run
Genre: pop, dance, electro, ballad 
Killer vocals, old-school rnb vibes with an uplifting club feel. Daniel de Bourg makes a welcoming return to the music world, with his track Run, sure to impress fans. A pop hit for November. Download his album LONDON BREAD on itunes! 

Daniel de Bourg - RUN (Official Lyric Video)

The Colours of Kings - Up

The Colours of Kings - Up
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Artist: The Colours of Kind
Singles - Up 
Genre: electronic indie rock synth pop

Listen to their EP Up:

Emerging from the heart of Louisville, USA, comes a fresh-faced and enthusiastic band with brimming potential. Taking on the persona of 'music's new Tom Sawyer', indie punk band The Colours of Kings are ruling the charts with their debut EP released this September, Up. 

For indie music lovers who take pride in finding the next upcoming success, this band should be on top of the priority list. Despite a small following, the band is producing a big sound, which may easily creep into mainstream attention. 

The Colours of Kings - Up

Producing an authentic feel throughout each track, Up encapsulates the band's love for Traveling, roaming, eating, drinking, reading, and reflects it through a genuine approach to their music. Having written the EP in amongst small pubs and alleyways within their hometown, and produced the tracks within in-house basement studios, one cannot help but fall for the rustic appeal that The Colours of Kings exuberates.

Influenced by bands such as The Talking Heads, MGMT, Radiohead, The Postal Service and Mates of State, The Colours of Kings derive their music from a vast array of different musical sub-genres. Within the band's four-track EP, the band dabbles with their stylistic approach from song-to-song, whilst still maintaining an integral unique approach throughout. This experimentation within debut releases is understandable, if not expected for upcoming bands that are beginning to find their feet within the industry. Genre blending, in this sense, is an opportunistic means for a band such as The Colours of Kings to diversify and expand their musical horizons in the early stages of development. 

Up's first track, "My Heart is a Drum Machine", begins with a celestial orchestral piece, that slowly emerges into an upbeat drum track, setting up the band's indie approach to their music. With each member of the trio a multi-instrumentalist (J. Bishop on guitar/keyboard/vocals, C. Steward on bass/keyboard/vocals and G. Chamberlain on drums/programming/vocals), the instrumentalist work by all three members is impressive to say the least. Despite the high workload, the band makes their songs seem effortless. Wistful vocals and a soft mixture of complementing instrumental pieces lend weight to a serene atmosphere surrounding their music. 

The following self-titled track, "The Colours of Kings", echoes this rhetoric. In this song, the use of the band's keyboards is more prominent, underpinning the entirety of the track. In songs such as this, the electronic and synth pop influences of the band are most prevalent. The chorus in particularly, is catchy for both indie lovers and newcomers alike. With a little more experience under their belt, tracks such as these should make their way into the mainstream spectrum in little to no time at all. 

"This Year's Hometown Hero" and "We're an Archipelago" are further examples of the band's mix of genre influences. From punk infused vocals and synthesised beats, to indie mixed with soft alt. rock, the band are already mastering the diversification needed to expand and grow for future releases. 

Overall, The Colours of Kings have serious potential for upcoming releases. For indie music lovers who love an 'underground' flair, The Colours of Kings are a best suited choice. 

For any additional information, head to the band's Facebook or Reverbnation pages, or to download a copy of Up, visit the official band website here. 

By Lily Pavlovic posted 5 November 2013, for STSBM

Simon and The Bande A Part - Am I The Worm

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Artist: Simon and The Bande A Part 
Singles - Am I The Worm
Genre: acoustic, folk

Listen to Blinking & Breathing:

Yet another success to grace the Cape Town shores is South African folk rock band, Simon and The Bande A Part. A developmental indie project created by singer/songwriter Simon Van Gend, the trio are making waves both locally and overseas with their latest single, 'Am I The Worm?' from their fourth studio album, Blinking and Breathing.

Songs That Should Be Mainstream fans may be well acquainted with this band via the bassist, Eric Michot (Mr. Kito), who has been featured for his solo expedition in an earlier STSBM piece (which can be viewed here). Michot and drummer Ross Campbell accompany Van Gend to create seamless compilations of original and distinctive music. 'Am I the Worm?' encapsulates the quirky niche of indie-folk that the band has naturally created for themselves, while simultaneously appealing to a broad and diverse audience across the globe.

Simon and The Bande A Part - Am I The Worm

Working with established Australian producer Ian Pritchett, who is best known for his work with folk sensations 'Angus and Julia Stone' and Australian roots music band 'The Beautiful Girls', Simon and The Bande A Part is shaping up to follow in the footsteps of these indie greats, rapidly rising to first place on the Reverbnation Folk charts for ZA in Cape Town earlier this year. Furthermore, with almost 30,000 fans on Facebook, the band is gaining a significant online following to support their upcoming releases.

It's no wonder Simon and The Bande A Part have received such positive attention from their fans. Each release from the band is well-crafted, displaying ingenuity and thoughtfulness in each track of the album. Am I The Worm? is particularly thought-provoking as it details the struggles of a man riddled with misfortune, searching for 'sunlight' within his life. The notion of life experiences expressed through song is indicative of the folk music genre that the band pertains to.

What results is a hybrid mix of rustic folk renditions entwined within a jovial and upbeat tune consistent with more modern stylistic forms of the 'folk' practice. Simon and the Bande A Part have created a balance within their music that both traditional and contemporary folk enthusiasts can enjoy.

Taking their music to the next level, the band have been known to include unique and unusual instruments in the compilation of their music. Including a vast range of instrumental accompaniments within their music, Blinking and Breathing in particular has increased the band's musical threshold. Including a french horn, mandolin, banjo, harmonica and bandoneon within their music, Simon and the Bande A Part are exploring new territories and expanding their minds to a new range of possibilities previously unconsidered by other folk-rock bands of today.

With such unique avenues explored within Am I The Worm and the album overall, it is gripping to imagine the potential for Simon and The Bande A Part to explore within their future releases. With such an overwhelmingly expanding fan-base, the band can only look towards bigger ventures within the years to come.

You can find more information on Simon and The Bande A Part on the official webpageFacebook and Twitter accounts.

To buy a copy of Am I The Worm (single), or Blinking and Breathing (album), click <<here>>.

By Lily Pavlovic posted 5 November 2013, for STSBM