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Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Remind Me is the latest pop song release by Chris Mcleod. This song is off a new project that has been recently completed by this artist. According to details released by Chris, a NEW single will appear each month, through 'Transform Music Group.' I think people should keep out for more songs by Chris, because he does seem to be some fresh talent in the pop world of today. Chris has a sweet voice to join his sweet track remind me. Other things to note, is that this song was co-written by Joshua Silverberg.

Its a decent song. Nothing that shouts commercial pop... but still a good song to have if you're into the more lyrical rock acoustic type pop songs out there.

Below is an extract of the lyrics which are featured below the youtube video of Remind Me


Verse 1
in the beginning you knew me
from the dawn of time i was the light in your eye
when you put the stars on display you knew my name
i was made from the dust of the garden
and i started to see when you breathed over me
so when i'm broken you tell me i made you and it was good

i need you to bring me back to life
put your arms around me, hold me tight
and remind me that i am loved and it is good

Verse 2
today i realized that i need you
something was missing that i couldn't find
at the speed i was going the answer was passing me by
but life goes fast and it dies with the grass,
it blows away with the wind
would you wake me up and remind me that i am loved

when my life moves
too fast to hold on to
remind me that i am loved
when my life feels
empty i just need you to
remind me that i am loved

Check out the lyric video below:


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