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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

From Slaves to Kings - (individual single releases).

From Slaves to Kings - (individual single releases).
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Artist: From Slaves to Kings - (individual single releases). 
Singles - individual releases
Genre: rock, metal 

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Fans of Avenged Sevenfold, As I Lay Dying and Five Finger Death Punch rejoice - the latest addition to this hard-rock family is Texan-born quintet: From Slaves to Kings. With killer guitar riffs, catchy choruses and a traditional rock/nu metal-esque sound, the band is gaining attention with each release of individual tracks throughout the year. 

Considering each other 'brothers' both on and off the stage, the band has a chemistry that flows through their music and on to their live performances. Praised for their energetic stage performance, From Slaves to Kings have worked towards rock royalty: winning a series of accolades within their home town of Colorado for first place in the Indy Music Awards, People's Choice winner for Best Progressive Hard-Rock Band and Best Vocalist categories. 

Opening for rock band Hoobastank, 12 Stones and I Wrestled a Bear Once, the band has increasingly gained momentum since its inception in 2011. Regular appearances on online radio streaming sites such as have seen the band's fan base grow into the thousands, hailing not only from America, but to a further worldwide audience. 

From Slaves to Kings - (individual single releases).

As of late, the band has focussed on providing their fans with some fresh new music. Teasing the masses with snippets of their upcoming track 'Feeding the Flies' via Soundcloud links, the band is preparing for more songs at a faster pace. Unfortunately for From Slaves To Kings, however, the focus on creating this music has caused a lapse in the number of live shows played in the past months, in comparison to October of the previous year. From Slaves to Kings assure that the band is 'back on track', playing gigs throughout the month to concert-hungry fans. 

Part of the band's enticing live performance is the ability to sing along to the catchy choruses. In particular, the song listed 'Track 5' is a great example of this - FSTK are able to create the same heavy rock ambience that fans crave, without compromising the use of lead singer Jason Coahran's clean vocal work. From Slaves to Kings are unique in the sense that for a rock band, they do not require the hyper-usage of screaming or overtly grungy vocals; instead focussing on perfecting a high-quality and well-established sound without taking away from the band's genuine talent and authentic atmosphere. 

Overall, the band appear to have a chemistry between them that is both effective and original both within their studio music and live renditions. However, From Slaves to Kings still have a long path before them. With a full studio album yet to be released, it may be a short while before the band take the throne to rule the hard-rock charts. Nevertheless, the band has both a promising outlook and killer sounds to boot. Both fans of FSTK and onlookers of the rock scene are warned: Watch this space and remember the name. 

From Slaves to Kings are currently playing across Colarado Springs. You can reach the band via Facebook, Twitter or Reverbnation pages for news, upcoming gigs and additional information. 

By Lily Pavlovic posted 15 October 2013, for STSBM


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