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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A Course of Action - Singles: 107 and Who We Are.

A Course of Action - Singles: 107 and Who We Are.
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Artist: A Course of Action
Singles: 107 & Who We Are
Genre: rock, metal 

Listen to the single 107

North Carolina quartet A Course of Action are considered 'the band next door' - resonating with many  fans as 'four normal guys from the South making great rock music'. However, their latest releases '107' and 'Who We Are' have exposed their talent to a whole new level - becoming the talk of the town in the rock and metal spectrum.

Neighbouring on bands such as Sevendust, Five-Finger Death Punch and Alter-Bridge, A Course of Action are rapidly drawing attention from fans across America and gaining an international following since their single releases. Playing weekly shows across the south in the U.S, the band is gaining a loyal following with enthusiastic live performances and a quality sound.

A Course of Action - Singles: 107 and Who We Are. 

The band's first debut studio album, Dark Before the Dawn stands as a testament to 'hard work paying off' for the band. After months of production, the nine track album rose to both domestic and international success - with album tracks playing on stations Q Star Radio and Occupation Radio, and online stations Jango Music, IndyPalooza, and Raidio Corca Baiscinn (Ireland) providing increased exposure for a growing number of fans. 

Now, A Course of Action are expanding on thematic structures, sonic richness and a solid rock base within their most recent releases, '107' and 'Who We Are'. '107' in particular is the band's triumph: providing a seamless mainstream metal sound that is carried out with expert precision and diligence. With a Stone Sour-esque vibe to the chorus, metal and rock fans can't help but become absorbed in the rough vocals, clever lyrics and killer guitar-shreding solos characteristic of classic rock and metal sound.

'107' has become increasingly more popular with fans since its release. It is a prime example of the band's capabilities, however both fans and reviewers alike urge ACOA not to rest on their laurels just yet - as the track allows room to both progress and develop in future albums in terms of finding a niche for themselves, and developing from classic genres to a more diverse and original sound.

'Who We Are' to an extent demonstrates some of these capabilities. This track slows down the tempo in comparison to the band's other releases, showcasing the band's adaptability to both hard and soft rock styles. However, in doing so, the chorus is perhaps not as punchy as 107 and tracks from Dark Before the Dawn. 'Who We Are' is best suited for fans of  bands such as Creed or Shinedown, as it is a distinct step away from the hard rock of the band's previous work. 

By juxtaposing 'Who We Are' with the band's former releases, it is difficult to speculate where ACOA may head in the future. With glimpses of diverse directions to which they may lead, it will be interesting to see whether the band continues their hard-rock roots, or branches out into softer rock sub-genres seen in their latest tracks. 

Either way, A Course of Action seem to be on the path to success. With a plethora of live shows on the horizon, fans will love whatever course the band decides to take. 

You can visit their OFFICIAL website here

By Lily Pavlovic posted 15 October 2013, for STSBM


A Course of Action said...

The new video for 107 is complete here-

Anonymous said...

Lily, we have a new EP with even more songs to consider. If you'd like to review those, I'll be glad to get them to you. (Sheree Byrd, Manager, A Course of Action)

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