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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Autumnal - Confess The Fire + FREE DL

Autumnal - Confess The Fire

Artist: Autumnal (Richard Besley)
Title: Confess The Fire
Genre: indie, pop, alternative, ballad 


1. Arms of venus 03:55
2. Makes me happy 03:48
3. Confess the fire 04:08
4. Ghostdog 04:34
5. Kiss me you fool 03:35
6. Bamboozle 05:11
7. Dry your paws 03:36
8. Don't think I can do this anymore 03:14
9. Start the work 03:41

Track Review (Bamboozle):
Autumnal is an exciting band from Melbourne, Australia featuring lead singer-songwriter Richard Besley. Their most recent track ‘Bamboozle,’ is one to check out if you’re into an uplifting soft-rock listening. It’s a proper rock ballad - deep in meaning and impressive in melody. You can grab a free download below. 

Autumnal - Bamboozle + FREE DL

Track Review (Don't think I can do this anymore):
If you're into warm pop-rock tunes, and feel-good lyrics, then here is one track that can bring a smile to any listeners face. It's thoughtful and clever, with brilliant acoustic riffs that drive into spirit of this song. 

Autumnal - Don't think I can do this anymore + FREE DL


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