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Monday, 8 July 2013

Elephant's Laundry - Hell Inside My Head

Elephant's Laundry - Hell Inside My Head


Title: Hell Inside My Head
Artist: Elephant's Laundry Feat Trish Edwick
Genres: Rock, Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Released: Apr 28, 2013
℗ 2013 Music Entourage




Elephant's Laundry has provided us with an exciting rock jammer in their most recent release 'Hell Inside My Head.'
Elephant's Laundry is a newly developed Aussi rock band, performing tunes that contain a great sense of rhythm, strong vocals, catchy drum leads, and head-banging guitar chords that phase imperceptibly between friendly pop-rock and rough punk music. Elephant's Laundry tend to rock up a beat by foregrounding the tracks with simple but emotive lyrics, involving the listener into a roller-coaster of a journey. 
The bands most recently publicised track 'Hell Inside My Head' is flavoured in an acoustic melody, and a powerful pop-rock finish. Everything about the song rocks! It’s a fun listening experience for mainstream pop-rock listeners. Hell Inside My Head is a fast cruiser with a punk-pop feel chorus and old-school rock verses. 
The music video presents viewers with a miniature film; with lyrical delivery which brings the song to a complete. Who can forget the repetitive but star line of the track "and now there's hell inside my hell." Trish Edwick's sweet vocals add to the emotional feel of the song. She's a great twist to the vocals, with her input being vital in the story-telling of this dynamic pop-rock tune.  
This is a band that is on MY HOT LIST radar, with their past singles being great hits too. I suggest all my readers to drop a subscription to the band on their Youtube page, and a follow on their Twitter page. With a proven successful entry into the musical realm of Australian Pop-Rock,  it can only be expected to see this band forecasted for much bigger productions. I wish the boys all the best. 

Elephant's Laundry - Hell Inside My Head (Music Video)


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