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Saturday, 16 March 2013


Jellyrox is my new FAVORITE electro-pop/rock group in the music industry. The melodies can swing you into a chive, and the vocals are powerful and filled with plenty of emotion and feel for the lyrics. I love the editing and production that goes into each and every song of Jellyrox. All songs that has so far been released by this amazing artist, has gone into my favorites playlist. This is an artist that should be heaps more known in the electropop community.

I hope listeners will enjoy the two brand new tracks of artist 'The Jellyrox,' which are featured below.

The first track is titled Someone Else . It's got more elements of pop than electro, but it's this brilliant fusion of the two that reminds me of mainstream artists such as Breathe Electric, Goldhouse, LIGHTs, Owl City and Go Periscope. I'll rate this song very highly, and I believe it's a "MUST PURCHASE!"

The second song is a much sweeter acoustic track titled Rebel Tide. The vocals are a lot less harsh and instead put you in a gentle state of mind. The transition into solely acoustic vibes is uplifting for the listener, and then the jump into the upbeat and powerful chorus can give you a slight adrenaline rush.

Actually, Rebel Tide or not, majority of this artists music puts you on the go go go, and are great for blasting while at the gym, or while dancing in your bedroom.

Check the songs out below, but before doing so take a lot at The Jellyrox's personal sites:

Someone Else - The Jellyrox

Rebel Tide - Jellyrox


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