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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Art Of Haiku is a newcomer in electronic pop ballad music! + FREE DL

She Loves Me Not by The Art Of Haiku

"The song is a cute love story about a boy that is in love with a girl and never knew that she was in love with him. It is about the joyous and momentous realization that someone has when they find out that they haven't been friendzoned. The song title is based off of the childhood game of picking petals off of a flower to determine if your crush was in love with you."

- The Art Of Haiku

This song is a definite hit in my iPod. There are some really great parts of this song which feature impressive vocals by the main singer and a great pop melody. I also liked the change in tempo towards the ends of the song, and the different effects added throughout the lead vocals. It reminds me of early Owl City songs, but with a bit more of a ballad feel to it. Give this song a listen and support The Art Of Haiku today. Hopefully we hear more from this talented singer in the future.

She Loves Me Not - The Art Of Haiku + FREE DOWNLOAD (thanks for making it free)


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