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Friday, 1 February 2013


The duo group Trick has a new song titled 'The Life,' which is a majorly hot commercial tune, that sounds like something which would played on the radio over and over again. Trick is a group which can rap and sing, which is a huge bonus in today's pop music. It's a catchy song and the lyric video is nicely done. Make sure to support both the guys by purchasing this track on iTunes. Check Trick out below:

Trick - The Life + LYRICS

Lyrcis Below:

Livin' life on the fast lane
Trick or treatin' like everyday's Halloween
Though we not sixteen but it still feels sweet when we cruisin'
Shoppin', swipin', sip a little wine while we dinin'
Now it ain't trickin' if you got it
So what's the deal shawty hop in

Just clap your hands if you want it I got it I'm right here
Let's get crazy and no maybe it's the time of the year
Champagne flutes up in the air, screamin' like you just don't care
Sayin' ayy yo
Let's go! Let's go!

So tell me what you think of it? Me and you
I'm talking fancy clothes, fast cars, cruising with the top down
You can let me know whenever, me and you
I'm talking plastic cards, five star, can we get some service here?!
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh-uh-oh
The life, the life, the life, yeah we'll be livin' the life

Been a minute but I'm back and I ain't got time to slack
Pack my jet pack, and I'm ready to smack
Couple of hot thangs, cruisin the fast lane
Champagne poppin' on my candy cane
And I gotta couple bottles waitin' there
You should come over kick it here
Ask it, you got it, I'll make it appear
Alakazam and we all disappear

Like hold up, hold up, I dont really know where we headed at, but it all be good
Just pack a couple swimsuits, some booze, and a pair of my black suit
Watch me blow that flute while you move body like a snake should
And I'll promise you the best life you've ever had ever since your childhood


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