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Monday, 21 January 2013

Not your everyday K-POP Video.. + lyrics & video

This may be my first K-Pop song post, but before you think this is a typical song off a Korean boyband or girl group, it actually sits very nicely with modern American pop and rap. The group MFBTY just released their first album yesterday, and their much awaited single Sweet Dream premiered with an eccentrically cool music video.

The group stars rapper and singer Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae and Bizzy. The trio have produced a song that incorporates English and Korean English, but unlike most Korean songs, this one actually has a fair bit of English lyrics. The instrumental of this song resembles much of club/dance pop music that one could expect at a club, or hear on the radio. According  to sources DJ SMELL was the creator of this beat. As Tiger JK said himself this song was made for the purpose of being a “great song,” but was produced in the moment of  having fun. And that is exactly what this song is. Pure fun! Back in Korea this new group is much awaited by hip-hop listeners, considering that two of the three in the group are fundamentally rappers. The trio have also included a remix of Sweet Dreams, and a song titled “BizzyTigerYoonMirae. Sound familiar? The name MFBTY should make more sense after you read the song title…

Have a read of the lyrics. I always like to try guess what the song and video would look like before I have a watch. Why don’t you try to do the same. This one is a big surprise to what you may actually think! One problem though – majority of the lyrics require you to understand Korean… oh well, the songs still understandable after you watch the video with an ‘open,’ mind.


We are meant to be another time another life
Possibly, probably you would be mine
Can you get away, get away, can you get away
I wanna go go where you are(*3)

[Tiger JK]
janeul wiro meori wiro Everybody come on
hana boda duri gati jeo heomhan saneul neomeo
jeo heomhan saneul neomeo
bada wireul georeo geonneo
heungeol georyeo jungeol georyeo
jumun jumun jumun georeo
geumji doen sarang norae e chu chu chumchwo
achim haedo uril bomyeon sujubeo sumeo
(ppeonhan gyeolgwa Like I see the future)
imi naneun cheot manname ni mameul humchyeo
geokkuro dollyeo boneun yeonghwa cheoreom
ppeonhan gyeolgwa
ajjirhan gyeolmal jjirit jjirit jjirit jjirit (Electrify ya!)
hyang geutan hyang gie ewossayeo
nal taewo nara ganeun geudae
mam i bame kkeuteul jabgo
ttara ganeun bicheul ttara gara anja salposi
gureum yeop yeope (Inhale, Exhale)

We are meant to be another time another life
Possibly, probably you would be mine
Can you get away, get away, can you get away
I wanna go go where you are(*3)

[T Yoon Mi Rae]
umjigyeo ije gijigae pinda
As I enter moheome sijag
gago itjanha bang hyangeun
neol hyanghae
geurae ije sumgiji malja gwichanha
jinsireul biteureo 1(ir)eul 2(i)ro
Let’s fly away be like super heroes
uri manui bimireul bimil
yeong wonhan bimillo
mudeo dugo gabeoryeodo
jaemit seul geo gatae

dallyeoga neoga meolli bada
geon neoro domangga tto butjaba
du pareul beollyeo deulgo naega naraga
I got your back like you got my back
neoreul wihaeseo Get get get it
jinan yaegin haji mareo
jjug jigjin ijini ieojini
Give me give me give me some more
iri moyeo himdeun jimeun jibe dugo

What goes around I
might come back around
We call it Karma, karma I
don’t mean to harm you (*2)

beomtti beom du pareul beollyeo
Do the Humpty hump (*3)

Can you get away, get away,
can you get away
I wanna go go where you are

But this isn’t the end of MFBTY. In-fact the trio hold their first showcase sometime later on this week. I think people should stay tuned for that, because it could be something special and original.

The Album Art-Work:

The album art-cover also looks very sophisticated and rich with the golden/bronze theme palette. In all honesty, wouldn’t you agree that the outfits and styling of the three make the cover appear as though it should be advertising a circus? The top hat, and the glasses and the dress make me feel like that. 

The Weird Music Video:

The music video is also an interesting one. Initially it starts up with a man hooked up to wires while resting on a bed. So it was as this minute when I begin questioning whether this song was about to depict a freaky psychological thriller story. It felt very strange having the upbeat club tune in the background, so I kept watching hoping that there was something missing, yet to be shown. After a handle is pulled the bed transforms into a jeep, and the room collapses on itself. From this instance I knew to expect a typical, weird and unique K-POP music video. Can jolly K-Pop tunes ever be serious?  And boy was I right. The video instantly displayed the crazy characters of each character, lifting the spirit into a dance theme.  But hey, it was better than the horror, suspenseful start!  I really liked the dip into the ocean, because it kind of reminded me of the kick seen in Inception. Also the costumes made me think of the recent Sherlock Holmes films. Suddenly the bed scene with the man flashes back, revealing a creepy realization  Has the man been forced to witness these crazy scenes? Then things get weirder, with giant machines, and weird mechanical parts shooting out of the man’s stomach. The man then shoots up into space, sees an astronaut and comes crashing back down. I mean, the entire video is weird, but that part was especially random.  The music video finishes with the man waking up from his sleep, with no wires or machines to be seen anywhere in the room. I would love to hear what people thought about this music video. Did you understand it? Did you like it? Favorite parts? Worst moments? Did you like the fact that it was weird? I personally think that K-POP directors are amazing, and it makes the song itself, but I would have expected the music video for this song to be extremely different. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting song to check out, and a must see video.

MFBTY - Sweet Dream ( prepare yourself from some serious weirdness)

I’d also like to hear people’s opinion on the song itself. Comment below!

Thanks for reading guys


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