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Monday, 21 January 2013


Marlon Alarm's new song is an amazing must have pop song. Marlon's very talented, and this song shows his strong vocals, and ability to write interesting and innovative music.


I was so used to having all the power 
But here we are, in the final hour 
And now I see - you're all that I held onto 
I'd let you go, but I really don't want to 

I just ask that when you leave, 
You leave your secrets here with me 
So I can memorize all your fears 
And fight them far away from here 

I knew you'd abandon ship by now 
I've always known these things somehow 
I thought my armor would work out fine 
But you've been under my skin all this time 


You've always occupied my mind 
Even when I put up a vacancy sign 
I never questioned the lonely nights 
I can't tell wrong from what I don't know is right 
But it's been long enough to learn 
I never tried, always waited my turn 
I gave up everything to be right 
But somehow you managed to ruin my life 

Marlon Alarm - The Final Hour


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