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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Best 3 of Aron Mercer! NEW SONG COVER JUST OOUT!

So as you know, I always like to spot Youtube singers who I think deserve more recognition online. A good example of this is a guy name Aron Mercer who posts song covers of pop songs. He has a good range of equipment to help him make these videos, such as a quality mic and video camera. He's also very good at what he does and that is singing. I also appreciate the fact that he does slow renditions of modern music! To help Aron out, please take a look at his channel and subscribe, like or comment.

Here's his Youtube page:
Also make sure to support him on Google Plus at +Aron Mercer

I would like to share with you my TOP 3 songs of his:

Without You - Aron Mercer ( JUST OUT! David Guette cover)

As Long As You Love Me - Aron Mercer (acoustic cover)

Beauty and a Beat - Aron Mercer (slow, piano cover)


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