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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Be A Little Crazy Says Paul Fellow! Read More!

The reason I am sharing the below song 'Am I Really Crazy,' is because I really liked the meaning behind the song, because it's very different to your usual commercial music. This song is unlike other's on the blog because it's not something you'd find in the mainstream, nor is it very pop. The video is entertaining, and I found myself hooked to the screen, wanting to hear more of it. This isn't going to be a hit with all the readers, but for those who wish to have a smile on their face from listening to this very silly, funny, entertaining song, then please watch away. The artist goes by the name Paul Fellow, and I'm assuming he wrote this song about himself - a man who enjoys making other people laugh.

Here is what Paul Fellows said about his track:

"There are not enough people out there willing to show that they care for others because they're afraid of what people may say. This song is about sharing some fun and happiness with people and if that means being a little crazy!

Have fun, keep crazy and keep smiling."

-Paul Fellows

Paul Fellows - Am I Really Crazy


Anonymous said...

This is my Daddy it's such a cool and happy song, all you need to do to share a bit of happiness is share a smile with someone

Anonymous said...

Costs nothing to smile, and this made me smile and I passed it on, well done and keep smiling

Anonymous said...

Love it, made me smile!

Anonymous said...

Hay this is fantastic grinned from ear to ear real good work Paul

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