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How To Get A Song Of Your Choice (OR ORIGINAL SONGS) Featured On This Site:

Please take a look around this site, as you will come across many exciting and wonderful new faces, freebies such as downloads, exclusive music video previews, photo covers, album arts and much more.

Email us at
Please send the song in the below format:
Song Title: "title of song"
Artist Name: "artist of song"
Link: "audio or video streaming link" 
Note: Only SoundCloud, Bandcamp or Youtube links will be looked at
Please give us a reason why you think the song should be featured. For example you could provide us a brief description on why you like the song.
Note: For best chances submit songs which would categorise in either pop/romanian/dance/electro/pop-rock/ballads/trance or hip hop songs with pop/club influence sub music genres. Think of songs that would be featured on the radio or are popular with younger generations.
Ciao for now guys!


Anonymous said...

Banshee Bones

Anonymous said...

Gordon Gilmore..CT unsigned artist..soundcloud gwizz 420

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