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Sam Harding 
18, student/music enthusiast and performer from Melbourne Australia
Describes himself as a religious music devotee to indie music; inspired by acclaimed artists such as The Beatles, Tame Impala and Bonobo Blur. His undetachable passion for music can be sourced back to his habitual practice of listening, recording and writing music. Sam specialises as a regular opinion piece music journalist, and discusser of Melbourne based concerts and festivals. Sam is a frequent reader and fan of established writers such as Hunter S Thompson, F.Scott Fitzgerlad and William S Burroughs. 

If you'd like to contact Sam Harding for business enquires or review requests you can email him at: samjhardingmusic(at)gmail(.)com

Lily Pavlovic
19, student/journalist and aspiring writer from Melbourne Australia
Lily Pavlovic is a second-year journalism student and aspiring writer at Melbourne’s La Trobe University. Her spare time is crammed with local gigs, music festivals and a full-scale immersion in Australian music culture. She is constantly on the pursuit to write about up-and-coming performers to showcase new talent wherever possible. For more information about Lily’s work, you can follow her on Twitter, @Lilybelle111

If you'd like to contact Lily Pavlovic for business enquires or review requests you can email her at: lilybelle11@gmail(.)com

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Ravindhra Rupasinghe
Passion for exploring a diverse range of music, A&R journalist from Australia
Ravindhra Rupasinghe AKA Ravii has always had a keen ear for exploring the new realms of modern music. From pop to rock, Ravii finds her influence through a diverse range of mainstream artists, interested in all kinds of unique musical genres. Naming new bands, popular artists and mainstream music is her forte, and for this reasons she's developed an interest in awaking her knowledge through music blogging. What better way to expose yourself to new music than to be greeted by an entire web of unknown but sensational or emerging artists. Ravii spends her time reading about the latest headlines  in music, which helps keeping in the know about the newest artists around the globe. 

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