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Poonam Nair - author of songs that should be mainstream
Hi readers, 

Ever since a young child one of the biggest and most important aspects of my life become centered around my music collection. In specific, the pop genre of the early 90's and the modern era of pop has greatly influenced my preferences. But one of the issues of today's music was the popularity distribution of artists. For this reason many great and deserving artists are unheard by majority of the world's musical listeners.
Today I present the world with "Songs That Should Be Mainstream," a site dedicated in sharing over hundreds of unknown/known artists that I find from the web, who are fresh, current and mainstream enough to someday be heard on the US charts.
Please take a look around this site, as you will come across many exciting and wonderful new faces, freebies such as downloads, exclusive music video previews, photo covers, album arts and much more.

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